SWIFT OUTDOOR ACCESSIBLE RECREATION

Brian Swift's John Maxwell training helped prepare him to address the Saint Laurence student body and create a successful event.


SOAR'S first sponsored Event

SOAR helped sponsor a disabled archery hunt in Carbondale Illinois.  There were approximately 24 people, twelve hunters and twelve companions. The hunters were comprised of veterans, husbands and wives and fathers and sons.  There were also numerous volunteers to help with everyone with any needs.

Everyone stayed in dorm like rooms with a continental breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a hot dinner. The hunt went from Friday night to Sunday night.  Everyone was given a specific accessible place to hunt and was assisted if needed.

Several equipment manufactures brought new accessible equipment to show everyone. There was also a great opportunity to share equipment ideas,  helpful life lessons and hunting stories and tips.

We helped fund this outing and we are purchasing equipment that will help the program with its next outing.Type your paragraph here.

THANK YOU for making SOARs Giggles at Riddles fundraiser a success.


A network of accessible trails can provide a setting for an enjoyable day in nature.  SOAR will would provide a trail system that is still one with nature while allowing easier travels no matter what mode of transportation you are using.   


Did you ever hear the fishing tale of the big one that got away?  SOAR wants its guests to be able to tell the most fascinating fishing stories of the ones they caught while on our accessible piers.  SOAR would provide paved paths to piers wide enough for easy maneuvering of guests in wheelchairs and their family and friends. We would also like to provide stations on the piers with places for equipment and stands to hold fishing poles. 

Four Wheeling 

Either driving or being a passenger, riding on an ATV is exciting and adventurous.  Having this program would allow SOAR the opportunity to offer its participants the sense of freedom and exhilaration felt only while traversing the backroads and trails of the great outdoors. This is a great release from the confines of two-wheel driving.


Modern technology has opened up bicycling to all people.  Physical challenges no longer stand in the way of enjoying an afternoon bike ride through the wilderness. With both adaptations for wheelchairs and specially made bicycles, families and individuals can speed along the trails when SOAR offers this program. In order to find wheels that will work, SOAR will have several options such as hand cycles, tricycles, electric bicycles, battery attachments for wheelchairs, and specially made bicycles to carry a special passenger


SOAR's main goal is to make it easier for disabled individuals to participate in outdoor recreational activities.  One of the activities that SOAR would like to offer is bow hunting.  As part of this program accessible blinds would be provided for disabled hunters to help shelter you from the conditions while offering you the opportunity to spot and target your first dear.  Because of our association with archery hunters, we would like to provide suggestions to make your hunt enjoyable and hopefully successful.  

SOAR sponsored its first DAD program (Disability Awareness Day) at Saint Laurence High School.   What an amazing response from a fantastic group.

We are currently scheduling Disability Awareness Days for the 2016-2017 school year, Call us to book Brian and the team for a Disability Awareness Day in your District today!

Accessible Camping / Picnics

One of the best ways to spend time with family and friends is sitting around a bonfire while camping.  SOAR would like to offer this opportunity to physically disabled and their families. Traversing natural terrain can be difficult in a wheelchair. SOAR would provide campsites that have concrete areas for a camper, picnic table, tent, and fire pits without compromising the experience of living in nature.   The facilities would also include disability-friendly tents with raised tent beds, accessible restrooms and showers, and paved trails through the woods.